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How to Setup and Register an E-Commerce Business in Canada?

Most of the businesses operating in Canada have their E-commerce websites nowadays. Other countries are nowhere behind in this category of business. The E-commerce industry is the one industry that has gone only upward in the past few decades. It’s such a fantastic opportunity for every business-minded individual out there. Modern entrepreneurs are highly focused…
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Tax Avoidance & Tax Planning – General Anti-Avoidance Rule

As a Canadian taxpayer, you need to be aware of the GAAR. Introduced in 1988, this rule allows the tax authorities to target and deal with people who are abusing or avoiding the Canadian taxation system. While many businesses focus on tax planning in order to save money, they may just find themselves being caught…
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What Business Owners Should Know About New Ontario Labour Laws

In 2017, we witnessed Ontario pass its largest labor bill in over ten years, known as the Bill 148. Bill 148 significantly amends Ontario’s Labor Relations Act (1995), Occupational Health and Safety Act, and Employment Standards Act (2000). Most of the laws in the bill came into effect January 1st, 2018, while others will be effected at different…
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