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Mistakes Small Businesses Make While Filing Taxes

As a small business owner, part of the joys of running your own venture comes with the burden of fulfilling your tax obligations. Making sure your taxes are accurately filed is an important step for every business owner. The CRA requires you to submit an annual tax return. It’s always advisable to handle this as…
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Ways To Maximize Your Corporate Tax Returns

When running a business, you need to come up with structures and systems that will help you lower your tax bill. For instance, you need to have receipts for all your business expenses so collect them and put them in a secure place as soon as they are received. Train yourself to always ask for…
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Changes To Small Business Tax In 2018

Many small businesses are skeptical about the small business tax changes that are about to be implemented by the federal government. Though the government claims that the tax changes are geared towards making the system fair for all players and not just to increase the amount of revenue they earn, small businesses are likely to…
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New Tax Rules For Small Businesses In 2018

Do you own a small business in Canada? Is your business incorporated? If you want to fulfill your tax obligation and always ensure you’re compliant, take time to understand the new tax rules and how they will affect your business in 2018. In the paragraphs below, we will cover some tax changes that the government…
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5 Tips To Choose Best Bookkeeping Firm from Pros

Every business needs proper bookkeeping to manage their finances and achieve their dreams of expansion. In fact, having a reliable and effective bookkeeping team will ensure every financial aspect of your business is properly taken care of. As you focus on meeting people and exploring opportunities to grow your business, bookkeepers take care of all…
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All About Professional Bookkeeping Services in Toronto

When you start your small business, handling a few sales and purchases, record keeping and making payments may seem like a no-brainer. But slowly, as your business grows the burden of managing income and expenses will begin catching up with you. You’ll start looking for someone to handle bookkeeping and help you manage the business…
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