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What a Tax Accountant in Mississauga Actually Does?

As a taxpayer in Mississauga, you need to be a responsible person; otherwise, the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) can penalize you. You must file your tax returns on time. To do that, you need to make tax strategies which is also a tedious, time-consuming, and complex task. You will need someone to help you with…
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How to File U.S. Tax Return in Canada

You know what they say about death and taxes, right? Nothing is certain except for these two. As a citizen of Canada and the U.S., you have to file your taxes every year. If you are a green card holder, you need to file a U.S. tax return in Canada alongside Canadian tax returns. You…
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Do I Need A Full-time Accountant in Oakville?

As you run your business, you are going to need an accountant at some point. As your business expands, your accounting needs grow with it. Soon, you will come to a point when your need will become constant. If you have a business in Oakville, you will be looking for an accountant in Oakville to…
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Reasons To Avoid Contributing In RRSPs

RRSPs are mainly for retirement savings and can offer significant tax savings, sometimes RRSPs are not always the right fit. If you have just started off your career and have a modest income – working full-time, you should avoid investing in RRSPs. RRSPs is all about the tax savings that are available to you. Even…
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Key Points For The Canadian Rental Property And Allowable Deductions

If you own a rental property in Canada and receive rental income, you will need to complete Form T776, i.e., Statement of Real Estate Rentals. This form will help you calculate your rental income and expenses to be reported in your tax return. There are a few deductible expenses that are associated with your rental…
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Signs You Need to Consult with a Tax Accountant in Mississauga

Tax accounting is a tedious task and is not just everyone’s cup of tea. You may be a really smart businessman, but it is not necessary that you have the best tax planning skills. Many business owners who start their business struggle with their taxes. The reason may be little or no background in tax…
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