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Rent or Buy Home in Canada. What’s right for you?

There may come a time when you have to make the tough decision of renting versus owning a property. For instance, if you need to downsize because your kids have left or you feel like your current space is being underutilized, it can be tough to decide whether to rent or own another property. We’ll…
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Tax credits for investments by small Canadian businesses

As a business, you can reduce the amount of taxes that you pay by taking advantage of investment tax credits. An investment tax credit can apply to corporations, sole proprietorships and partnerships. This credit works by allowing business owners to apply a specific percentage to the cost of buying a property or specific business expenditure.…
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Tax Implications for Canadians Working Temporarily in The U.S.

Are you a Canadian resident working in the US? There’s a Canadian-US tax treaty that was signed to help cater to situations where Canadians move to the US temporarily to work. It is very important to take time and understand how you are supposed to be taxed. Generally, you will not pay taxes on employment…
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Tax Strategies for Physicians in Canada

Doctors are among the busiest professionals you’ll ever find. Many of them lack the time and interest to start learning about the latest tax laws. In the middle of it all, they neglect a really important aspect of their professional life which is tax planning. Doctors can spend a lot of money on income taxes.…
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