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Should You Hire In-House Accountants Or Outsource Your Corporate Taxes

We all know that Accounting plays a vital role in any business. You can not grow your business well if you don’t have a competent accountant to solve your corporate taxes. However, it might be difficult for a business owner to decide whether to hire an in-house full-time accountant or outsource the work. You have…
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How to Prepare and File Corporate Taxes in Toronto?

Being a businessman is great, especially when your business is generating a good amount of profit. But we all know that nobody can become successful overnight. You might have worked so hard for your business to make it successful and achieve financial freedom. However, running your business is just one part of it. The second,…
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How To Prepare If You Are Selling Your Business?

Selling your business could be a tough decision. You might have spent a lot of time and effort building it. There are various reasons why you could be selling it. You could be moving to something bigger and better, you could be in dire need of money, or you want to enter a different industry.…
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How to Pay the GST/HST Your Small Business Owes

The CRA expects you to remit the GST/HST you collect on sales. You must first deduct the ITCs you receive on your GST/HST. We’ll take a look at different ways to pay GST/HST if the results of your filing is a balance owing. 4 Ways to Pay GST/HST If You Have a Balance Owing Electronic…
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The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Guidelines for Tax Deduction on Meals & Entertainment Expenditure

Can You Take Off Meals & Entertainment Expenditure? Wouldn’t life become very easy if expenses incurred by businesses in terms of meals and entertainment were deductible 100 % from our own tax? Unfortunately, that is rarely the situation. This guide clarifies your potential questions on deducting food, beverage and entertainment expenses, and those unique situations where you can claim 100% deduction.…
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