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Is Hiring a Professional Tax Preparer Good or Bad?

The tax season is fast approaching. Much depends on how you approach this; do you pay taxes yourself or use the services of an expert. In order to grow your business, tax preparers can promise you big returns, some of which will be valid, and others may be not. Read on to find out what…
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When to Outsource Bookkeeping for Your Business

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to an accounting firm is an important decision for any business. Below are few of the factors to consider: Filing a tax return based on wrong financial statements may lead to CRA’s penalties. So as a rule of thumb when your business grows, decide for outsourcing of bookkeeping to a professional. Your…
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6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Bookkeeping

It is an important decision to outsource the bookkeeping to an accounting firm especially when you don’t have the in-house accounting expertise for your business who can professionally handle bookkeeping issues for your business. For any organization, it is important to assess as to what extent the bookkeeping services can be outsourced. In order to…
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Tax Accounting Toronto Checklist: 20 Key Things to Do and When to Do Them

Be it personal or corporate tax accounting services, GTA Accounting’s bookkeeping services are here to guide you through the process of maintaining an organized and easy to access bookkeeping system. To ensure your business’ success and protection through proper tax accountant, the following list will do exactly just that, let’s start: Daily Accounting Tasks: 1:…
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Tax and Accounting Advice for Dentists

Many dentists enter into business to practice their profession which enables them to make a living while helping others. Inevitably, the business also requires a dentist to be a skilled book-balancer, manager, and a financial strategist. If you are a dentist, you will realize that performing everything required to keep your business afloat, while earning…
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Accelerate Your Business with Bookkeeping Services in Toronto

Operating a business in a reactive style has consequences, particularly for sole business owners. Such owners are characterized by the way they deal with issues as they crop up, how they opt to manage issues only when they occur and how they rush to tend to their books when tax season/time to settle their bills…
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