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The Need and Importance of the Corporate Minute Book for Incorporated Businesses in Canada

Every incorporated business in Canada must maintain the corporate minute book. The documents appended to this book are all corporate legal documents and may be referred throughout the life of a company. If you have an incorporated business in Canada, your company may have to furnish this minute book to its lawyers and accountants at…
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Merits & De-Merits of Incorporating a Business in Canada

Incorporating a business is not a legal obligation in Canada but it can bring legal protection to your business. As, personal taxes are high in Canada, it is recommended to incorporate a business so that you may potentially reduce your tax liability. The primary benefit of becoming a corporation in Canada is the separation of…
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How to Incorporate a Business in Canada

This article will give you a brief understanding of the importance of incorporating a business in Canada as well as give you a step-by-step process of how to incorporate. An incorporated business is a legal entity that is separate from its owners and shareholders. Canadian businesses can be incorporated at the federal or at the…
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