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How Can an Accounting Firm Help You With Succession Planning For Family Businesses?

To better understand this issue of how can an accounting firm help you with succession planning for your family business, you first have to know what succession planning is. It is a plan for your company to embrace the change and become stronger. Your family business must be strong because there are many factors to…
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Reducing Tax on Real Estate Sales in Canada

Real estate sales attract a lot of taxes that you must pay to the CRA. You have to be smart in your real estate business to ensure you minimize your taxes and maximize your profits. Most individuals in the real estate business do not know how to reduce their taxes on the sales of real…
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Tax credits for investments by small Canadian businesses

As a business, you can reduce the amount of taxes that you pay by taking advantage of investment tax credits. An investment tax credit can apply to corporations, sole proprietorships and partnerships. This credit works by allowing business owners to apply a specific percentage to the cost of buying a property or specific business expenditure.…
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