Assurance & Audit Services in Toronto

GTA Accounting is a licensed auditor here to help you audit and review
your financial records ensuring their accuracy with objectivity.

Why Hire GTA Accounting for Your Corporate Audit?

The GTA Accounting team has the experience and expertise to assess your company's financial performance and position objectively. We will work with you to understand your specific needs and goals and tailor our services to meet your unique requirements.

Our certified public accountant (CPA) has extensive experience in auditing financial statements. We are also familiar with the requirements and regulations that may apply to your company.

In addition, we use the latest auditing techniques and technologies, which allow us to complete our work efficiently and effectively. We also maintain a strict confidentiality policy, so you can be assured that your information will be kept safe.

If you are looking for a corporate review and audit, contact GTA Accounting today. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide you with a proposal outlining our services.

How We Perform a Corporate Audit?

GTA Accounting follows a systematic and disciplined approach to auditing financial statements. We begin by assessing the risks associated with the company's business activities. We then design our audit procedures to address those risks.

The next step is to gather evidence to support our opinion on the financial statements. This evidence can come in the form of documentation, interviews, or observations. Once we have gathered enough evidence, we prepare a report that outlines our findings.

We will issue a qualified or adverse opinion if our opinion is negative. Qualified opinions are less severe than adverse opinions, but they still indicate some problems with the financial statements. Adverse opinions indicate that the financial statements are not reliable.

After we have issued our opinion, we will work with the company to develop a plan to address the problems that we found. This plan may involve making changes to accounting policies, improving internal controls, or increasing transparency in reporting.

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Steven Matos, Toronto CPA

Meet Our CPA

Steven Matos is a Chartered Professional Accountant at GTA Accounting, a Toronto-based accounting firm with offices in Toronto, and Mississauga. The firm touts a high 5-star Google rating and has been selected by Clutch for service awards two years in a row.

Because of Steve's business background, he is able to pair bookkeeping and tax services with management consulting providing an edge over other similar accounting firms. Offering affordable rates, GTA Accounting works with small business owners and large companies with over $40 million in annual gross revenue.

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Tax & Assurance Partner

Nathan is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) who has extensive experience in public accounting and taxation. His years of experience working with previous companies like Grant Thornton LLP and Deloitte LLP have only served to further validate his extensive knowledge and expertise in corporate taxes. Over the course of his career, his professional work has included auditing and tax planning for large multinational corporations, real estate and construction industries, not-for-profit organizations and small owner-managed businesses.

Nathan was a Senior Accountant at Deloitte LLP where he led large-scale audits of multinational corporations and also acted as a mentor to the firm's junior staff providing guidance and support on complex accounting issues. In addition, Nathan was able to build a strong foundation of communication and interpersonal skills with clients, often being the primary point of contact between the firm and key executives and directors of various corporations Deloitte engaged with. That role gave Nathan the experience he needed to eventually move on from Deloitte and begin to manage the Canadian assurance and tax practice of Edmonds Professional Corporation. We now welcome Nathan as a Partner at our firm, who leads the Canadian Assurance and tax practice.

Nathan Kazmierski Toronto CPA

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of a Corporate Review?

There are several benefits of conducting a corporate review.

  • A corporate review can provide an objective assessment of a company's financial performance and position.
  • A corporate review can identify areas where improvements can be made.
  • A corporate review can provide assurance to shareholders that the company is being managed effectively.
  • A corporate review can help to identify potential problems before they become serious.

When Should You Hire an Accounting and Audit Company for a Corporate Audit?

There are a few situations when hiring an accounting and audit company for a corporate audit that may be beneficial.

  • If your company is listed on a stock exchange, you will be required to have an external audit conducted regularly.
  • If your company is going through a merger or acquisition, an audit can help to ensure that the financial statements are accurate and up-to-date.
  • If your company is facing financial difficulties, an audit can help to identify areas where cost savings can be made.
  • If you are considering investing in a company, an audit can help you understand the business's financial health.

GTA Accounting has extensive experience in conducting corporate audits. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide you with a proposal outlining our services. Contact us today to get started.

What is a Corporate Review?

A corporate review is a process of assessing a company's financial performance and position. It is similar to an audit but less formal and does not require the same level of detail or evidence.

Accountants or auditors typically conduct corporate reviews. Accountants or auditors can use them to assess a company's financial health, identify areas of improvement, or provide assurance to shareholders that the company is being managed effectively.