Scrupulous bookkeeping has always been a valued and necessary service for any business looking to function at a high level. But with recent technological developments and the complexity of modern business functions and transactions, many businesses are unable to complete their own bookkeeping services at an adequate level. This has created a market for firms that provide quality accounting practices for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

clutch accounting services

In this burgeoning market for bookkeeping partners, we are continuing to make a strong name for ourselves. In the same vein, we are excited to share that we are now featured on Clutch! Clutch is a leading provider of verified ratings and reviews for B2B service providers, conducting research covering dozens of markets and thousands of firms. After completing a research effort on the top bookkeeping services in markets across the world, Clutch included us on their list of industry leaders, ranking us in the top 15 out of more than 1,700 bookkeeping partners.

Our presence on Clutch is the result of a positive evaluation by industry analysts, but mostly as our rating from our client reviews. And in our short time on the platform, we have already received our first client review, earning us a perfect five-star rating, and feedback like this,

The team genuinely cares about their clients; I’ve felt undercharged at times for their comprehensive service. That value led me to give GTA Accounting all of my business after resolving the initial situation.”

  • Owner, Consulting Firm

We are thrilled to have this avenue for direct client feedback, and reviews like this are what we love to see. We recognize the importance of these client stories, and we will continue to use them to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our services.

In addition to our ranking on Clutch, we are also featured on their sister-site, The Manifest. The Manifest offers advice to all kinds of firms, including curated industry insights and how-to guides to help address any number of challenges. We were featured on their list of top financial accounting firms, thanks to the quality of our work and the affordability of our services.

We are grateful for our status as a top accounting partner for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and we believe that our presence on two industry resources helps solidify our reputation as a trusted service provider. Thank you to everyone who has helped us become regarded as a top firm, we hope that these boosts to our digital presence will help us target potential clients and raise awareness of the importance of quality bookkeeping.