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Why you need a Virtual Cloud Accountant

Free yourself From Bookkeeping, forever!

Does your business need help with the books? Take advantage of BIG monthly savings and for a limited-time FREE bookkeeping.

Imagine how easy life would be if you didn't have to waste time with the difficult task of bookkeeping; leave this to the professionals. Now, for just one low monthly fee, you can stop worrying about your financial records and refocus on your business.

Join the 1000's of Small Business owner that have realized their time is just too valuable, and this innovation is just the help they need. Even if you have an accountant or manage your books, you, also, can take advantage of this cost-saving innovation.

Wouldn't you like to spend more time finding customers and less time managing your books? It is time to get the help you need. For less than a night at the movies, you can have excellent accounting services by starting today, and with this FREE trial offer, you have nothing to lose!

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  People ask How much does it normally cost to out-source hourly bookkeeping?

According to Indeed, a standard Toronto bookkeeping service costs $20.00 - $50.00 per hour with a $100.00 - $150.00 minimum charge.

You can see that an hourly bookkeeping service is quite expensive and out of reach for many, but you don't have to pay for this. Likely, you don't even need it. Most Small Businesses need good recordkeeping and transaction management & reporting. A Virtual Accounting Service can do this, and much more...

Virtual Cloud Accounting

Virtual Accounting is very affordable, and it so easy to get set up - start your 30-Day FREE trial today!

Virtual Accountant

  Time saver, you bet!

According to a recent survey by VISA, a small business owner needs to spend more time acquiring clients than any other task-it is the biggest worry. With a Virtual Accountant handling the books, you can focus on more important things your business needs.

  What about accounting software? Finance software can be confusing with steep learning curves. As well, can you afford to make a mistake with your books?

Finding tools to grow and manage your business is important, in fact tools represent 32% of the challenges facing new business owners.

A seasoned professional accountant will make sure your financial books are accurate. A Virtual Accounting service will give you access to a whole team of accounting professionals and the advice of a CPA. As well, a VA can handle an extensive list of accounting that SMB's need.

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  Starting at just $40 per month (Cost is less than a night at the movies)

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  What can a Virtual Accountant do for you?

  • Monthly Bookkeeping

  • Monthly Financial Statements

  • Payroll Support

  • Annual Financial Statements

  • Annual Corporate Tax Returns

  • CRA Correspondence

What is
Virtual Accounting?

Virtual Accountant
cpa accountant

Virtual Accounting: Bookkeeping Services & Full Access To a CPA (full support team) for one low monthly fee.

This is NOT an automated system, not Quicken, we do everything manually.

Save Money & Time - Increase Accuracy & Efficiency

As a small business owner, you no doubt, enjoy the ease of online business banking, easy access to your records and monthly statements. Virtual accounting is just like that. Your business transactions are recorded, and you get monthly reports, and everything you need is conveniently available when you need it.

Unlike online banking, Virtual accounting does not rely on computer software automation; everything is done manually by licensed bookkeepers under the guidance of a CPA. This method has proven to be less error-prone, as an actual person carefully audits records.

I get it! You’re already working with an accountant and have some in-house accounting staff. Many of our clients have been exactly in your position - they’ve outsourced a portion of their accounting department and kept the other.

What we’ve discovered is that most of our clients have switched completely over to outsourcing their entire accounting services to us because it helped increase accuracy and efficiency while eliminating all the back and forth between in-house services.

  Next hear how one of our clients saved big and made her life easier.

Virtual Accountant Toronto

  Meet Jane

She runs a bakery in Toronto with her husband Mark.

Jane felt that having a full-time bookkeeper in the office gave her easy access to financial reports on demand while being able to discuss various economic issues as they arose.

What Jane didn’t know was that the bookkeeper was calling the accountant quite regularly, asking various questions to pass on the answers to her, this increased her monthly bill from the accountant. Jane never really gave it a second thought until….she decided to take a chance and outsource everything to GTA Accounting, and now she is free of bookkeeping forever!

Consistent Billing    More Time

What she found was that her bill was much more consistent. What’s more, Jane discovered that she had much more time available to focus on growing her business, because she didn’t waste time talking to her bookkeeper. Jane simply had the reports at her fingertips that she needed to make her day-to-day decisions.


Jane now has set bi-monthly meetings with the Accountant where she reviews her reports and gets expert advice instead of relying on her bookkeeper to figure things out.

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Stree Free Virtual Accounting

  Stressed & Can't Sleep Reduce the stress of making financial decisions, talk with a CPA

Every business owner encounters issues that keep them up at night, contemplating what to do. We understand how tough it can be to make the right decision at times hoping for the best outcome. Rest assured, our accountants are experienced in many facets of business, such as inventory management, business growth and expansion and much more. We are here to work with you and be your support to help you grow your revenue. Our mission is to make your business thrive!

NEXT, learn about the advantages of virtual cloud accounting services.

  Advantages of using Virtual Accounting Below are the top-six reasons you should consider switching to virtual cloud accounting

Top 6 Reasons to switch:

  • Increased Productivity

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Predictable Monthly Fees

  • Assurance of Accuracy

  • Reduces Risk of Fraud

  • Small Staffing Requirement

  Risks of In-house Accounting Are you aware of the associated risks of using in-house accountants?

If you’re feeling frustrated with your accounting department, or the separation between bookkeeper and accountant, then hiring a virtual accounting firm is the right move for you. Here’s why:

When you only have one or two workers managing your accounts, the chance of fraud in your business is higher. The person paying the bills may be the one reconciling the bank account, and because there's no division of duties, you've just given them the bank keys. They can rob you and cover your tracks. And it is more than likely you are not going to find out until it's too late.

Outsourcing tends to reduce the possibility of fraud associated with accounting for the business, as there is a division of duties and comprehensive steps are taken in presenting the company's financial statements. Most outsourced firms have two sets of eyes that review each stage with different levels of employees working on one account. For one employee, steps are taken to check the work of the other and ensure that there are no inconsistencies or errors.

Financial reporting process Conducted In-House vs. Outsourced

The financial reporting process would look different for each company based on individual requirements, several transactions each month, market conditions and several other factors. You can provide reports for your company from in-house bookkeepers, accountants or controllers; however, you need to ensure that they have the correct qualifications, training and skills set to provide reliable and accurate reporting on a consistent month-end.

Many times in-house accountants and bookkeepers have other roles, such as human resources, that may take time away from their primary accounting duties. When this happens, collections and financial reporting may be pushed aside, as priority is given to data entry, invoice recording and bill payment. These reports are essential to cash flow for a CEO or owner, and to help make decisions that affect the company.

Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping will help to alleviate late, incomplete or irrelevant financial statements. You can pick and choose exactly what you need for your company when you decide to outsource it. If you have a bookkeeper in your employ, you usually don't have to fire them.

Working with an outsourced service can often make existing employees more efficient by establishing streamlined procedures and training them in best-in-class policies. They can then report to the Outsourced Controller, who provides supervision and can provide financial reporting to your business needs. Financial reporting will be timely and accurate when outsourcing, as employees are trained, experienced and focus solely on their core job descriptions.

GTA Accounting in Mississauga

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Sohail Afzai, CPA is the founder of GTA Accounting, a Toronto based accounting firm with offices in Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville. The firm touts a high 5 star Google rating and has been selected by Clutch for service awards two years in a row.

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