Financial Statements in Downtown Toronto

Business owners and managers use a Financial Statement to find out if their business is
accomplishing its goals and objectives or not. Here at GTA Accounting, we have the experienced
CPA, the skills, and the knowledge to deliver your financial statements for you.

Reasons to Get Your Financial Statements Completed in Downtown Toronto

As a business owner or a startup, you will continuously need to stay on top of your finances for various reasons. You will have to show that your records are up to date and that your business execution is sound. This cannot be done if you don’t have your budget summaries in your hands. At GTA Accounting, we have the experience and the skills to create and maintain highly detailed and accurate financial reports and financial statements for you. These statements will help you determine how your business is doing and what the numbers actually mean.

At GTA Accounting, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our precise techniques of creating financial statements for you. Our goal is to set you up whether you need to show these statements to the bank for a loan, a potential buyer, or other situations where your business needs to be evaluated. Once you have your precise and accurate financial position in front of you, you can make well-informed and timely decisions to take your business further.

We don’t just provide financial statement services in Downtown Toronto; we provide you with peace of mind.

Financial Statement Compilation In Downtown Toronto

We are a full-service accounting firm in Downtown Toronto and beyond and offer a complete range of services like financial statements, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, taxes, real estate finances, and more. Whatever your financial needs, GTA Accounting is your partner. We have a team of highly experienced, skilled, and up-to-date accountants and a CPA. They will assist you with all your requirements pertaining to financial statements and beyond.

As a full-service accounting firm, we fully understand that you don’t just need a set of reports. You need accurate and detailed financial statements so you can operate your business and predict the future year. Here, at GTA Accounting, you have the opportunity to take advantage of our entire staff of experienced and skilled accountants and financial and taxation experts.  Our CPA will guide you throughout the process, give you general business advice, provide insights for you based on your financial statements, and more.

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Steven Matos is a Chartered Professional Accountant at GTA Accounting, a Toronto-based accounting firm with offices in Toronto, and Mississauga. The firm touts a high 5-star Google rating and has been selected by Clutch for service awards two years in a row.

Because of Steve's business background, he is able to pair bookkeeping and tax services with management consulting providing an edge over other similar accounting firms. Offering affordable rates, GTA Accounting works with small business owners and large companies with over $40 million in annual gross revenue.

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Financial Statement in Downtown Toronto For Companies Big and Small

We know that it is hard to hire someone when you are a startup or a small business. That is why we customize our services according to your needs. We have worked with companies ranging from small to medium entities (SMEs) to large corporations, and it has enabled us to deliver personalized services that are precisely what you require. This also means that no matter what your company size, industry, or location, we are with you through it all.

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Why Do I Need Business Financial Statements?

You might need a financial statement before filing your tax returns. It could be personal tax returns, corporate tax returns, or taxes related to trust. You also want to minimize your tax liabilities and plan future business decisions. Another reason is that you might be trying to sell your business and need the financial reports to show your business value to the purchasers. Or, you could be looking for a loan and want the financial statements for that purpose. All of this can be done when you work with the top accounting firm in downtown Toronto for all your financial needs.

Usually, you will need to have your current income statements, balance sheet, and your business financial statements for most purposes. If your business is incorporated, you will need to look at the requirements for that incorporation type. When you work with our accounting firm in downtown Toronto, we take all this hassle away from you and enable you to tend to your business while we tend to your financial statements.

What Level of Reporting Do You Need?

As we mentioned earlier, we are a full-service accounting firm in Downtown Toronto. We customize our services according to the clients’ needs. Our professional accountants in Downtown Toronto work with you to determine the level of reporting that you need.

They gather all the information they can about your business, operations, environment, and more. Once we have identified your needs, we find out your clients’ needs, whether they are banks, potential purchasers, or more. After determining that, we go about developing your accurate and factual financial statements to fulfill all those needs. 

Preparation of Financial Statements in Downtown Toronto

Financial statements are complicated, and their preparation has to be done in a particular order. The reason is that the information from one statement carries over into the other statements. Our highly effective and experienced accountants are wizards when it comes to preparing financial statements. They plan and execute their strategies to give you what you want in the least amount of time and with the highest accuracy. We ensure that you save your time, effort, and money by taking care of your financial statements in Downtown Toronto.

Why Choose GTA Accounting?

Every year in Canada, legislators tweak and twist financial laws, leaving the average individual and business owner at a loss when faced with making financial decisions. We stay on top of new financial and tax laws on your behalf and offer custom made tax accounting and financial advice to help you and your business develop budgets and set financial goals. Still not convinced about what makes us a professional accounting firm? Read further below:

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