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Tax Planning

  • Corporate Tax Plan

    This allows us to estimate your lifestyle and your investment goals. Based on this checklist we will do Tax Planning for you so that you have more money in your pocket to invest in your financial goals.

Corporate Tax

  • T2 Corporate Tax Return

    A document that helps you assemble your financial information for us to prepare your corporate income tax return and file it with the CRA.

  • RC59 – Business Authorization

    The information you provide on this form will help us generate CRA Authorization which will allow us to work with CRA on your behalf.

  • T5 Corporate Tax Checklist

    We need this document to be filled by the director of corporation who wants us to issue T5 slips for its shareholders.

  • Corporate Tax Process Guide

    Explains the 5 step process that GTA Accounting follows in completing your corporate tax return and we’ve also enlisted all important documents that you can expect to receive from us at the end of your tax filing process.

New Corporation

  • RC59 – Request for Business Number

    A document that requires you to provide us preliminary information related to your business so that we may apply for your Canadian Business Number with the CRA.

  • New Incorporation Checklist

    Used to provide GTA Accounting basic information in order to incorporate your business. It allows us to know whether you want number or name company and if you want to incorporate provincially or federally.

  • Business Startup Kit

    GTA Accounting has compiled this guide to help new start ups understand their obligations with CRA and how to organize the business so that they have smooth operations and no surprises from CRA.

CRA Payment Guide

  • CRA Payment Guide

    GTA Accounting has prepared a complete set of guidelines on the payment instructions to the CRA for tax filers.

Rental Agreement

  • Residential Lease Agreement

    A standard format that can be used by the land lord to lease residential units to their tenants.

Personal Taxes

  • Canadian Personal Tax Return

    We need this checklist to be filled by those individuals who want us to prepare and file their personal taxes with the CRA. It captures basic identification info and helps in organizing all personal slips, income and expenses.

  • 2021 Canadian Tax Changes

    There have been several changes for self-employed individuals for the 2021 tax returns. This PDF will provide all the details.

  • U.S. Personal Tax Return

    We need this information sheet to be filled by those individuals who want us to prepare and file their US personal Taxes with the IRS. It captures basic identification info and helps in organizing all personal tax slips, income and expenses.

  • 2021 U.S. Personal Tax Changes

    2021 has brought many changes to filing taxes in the United States. Discover what you need to be aware of when filing your U.S. taxes

  • Family Trust Checklist

    This checklist requires you to produce such information that is necessary to establish a Family Trust.

  • T2062 Checklist

    We need this checklist to fill out by the non-residents of Canada who want us to acquire a Certificate of Compliance related to the disposition of taxable Canadian property.

  • Tax Based Treaty Checklist

    When you want to file a treaty-based tax return, all you need to do is to assemble the information that is mentioned in this checklist and we will file this return for you.  

  • Voluntary Disclosure Program Checklist

    GTA Accounting has prepared a detailed checklist of the Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP). We will use this information to correct a previously filed incorrect tax return.

Non-Resident Taxes

  • ITN Application for Non-Residents

    We prepare an Individual Tax Number (ITN) application for non-residents; they fill out this form and return it to us with all required documents.

  • Non-Resident Rental Guide

    GTA Accounting has prepared a comprehensive document as a guideline for non-residents who own rental properties in Canada. This guideline can further be used in explaining how to file non-resident taxes with the CRA.

  • Section 216 Checklist

    We have prepared a checklist for non-residents that we need them to fill out so that we may file section 216 return on their rental property income in Canada.

  • NR4 Pro Forma Letter Checklist

    We need this checklist to be filled by non-residents, in case they don’t have NR4 slips, we will prepare NR4 Pro Forma letter and annex this letter along with the section 216 return.

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