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A Chartered Professional Accountant is the one who provides a variety of services since this means you do not have to hire different businesses for the job. At GTA Professional Corporation, we have a CPA who will meet all your financial needs.
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GTA Accounting provides accurate and update financial records for your company enabling you to make wise decisions based on real data.

Corporate Taxes

Regardless of your situation (Personal or Business), our CPA can work with you to create a strategy for lowering your tax liabilities and maximize your returns

U.S. Tax Filing

GTA Accounting is well-experienced in preparing and filing US tax returns for Americans living in Canada. We can help you strategize your taxes

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We Are a Full-Service Accounting Firm That Handles Everything from Bookkeeping to Corporate Taxes in Addition to HST Filings, and Payroll. We're Always Here to Answer Your Questions.

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Professional Tax Accountant Mississauga

In Canada, all individuals, small businesses, and corporations are required to file income tax returns each year. There are several reasons why you should leave this to a financial firm. GTA Professional Corporation, we know what taxes to file, when to file, and how to file. Consult our tax accountant in Mississauga for all your tax preparation requirements.

Individuals have to file tax returns detailing all their sources of income in T1 personal income tax returns. We will help you to fill your employment income for the year and guide you on other applicable incomes.

We help you file small business taxes, which depend on how the business is structured. Sole proprietorships and partnerships report their business income tax on their T1 personal income tax returns. You and your small business are taken to be one and the same thing. The T1 income tax return package comes with Statement of Business or Professional Activities (Form T2125) which you will use to report the business income.

Documentation We Assist Clients With Are:

Incorporated businesses report their income on the T2 corporate tax return. Unlike a small sole proprietorship or partnership, an incorporated business is taken as a separate entity and it, therefore, has to file its own tax return.

  • T4 slips (for those who have employment and business income)
  • T4A (for those earning commissions and the self-employed)
  • T5013 (Partnership Income)
  • T3 (Income from Trusts)
  • T5 (Investment Income)
  • RRSP contribution slips
  • Medical and dental receipts

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Business & Personal Tax Accountant Mississauga

Hiring a pro for business tax return is important because missing even a single entry could mean fines and other sanctions from the Canada Revenue Agency. Missing out on legitimate Canadian income tax deductions is also detrimental to you. At GTA Professional Corporation, our tax accountant knows from training and experience the deductions that businesses should claim. Examples are:

  • Home Maintenance & Home Ownership Income Tax Deductions for home-based business owners
  • SR&ED for those involved in R&D
  • Gifts to Employees

The Canada Revenue Agency has rules for vehicle business expenses, employing your spouse or child, travel-related expenses, advertising expenses and other business expenses that fall into the Agency’s ‘other’ category. We understand these rules and will ensure you do not pay a cent more than you should.

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Bookkeeping Services Mississauga

We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services, allowing our clients to concentrate on the day-to-day running of their businesses. You save money when you hire us for bookkeeping because this ensures you do not have to hire an in-house team for the job. Our experience in bookkeeping means you are less likely to get things wrong. Our bookkeeping services in Mississauga include:

  • Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

    We assist clients to invoice their clients and record the payment. We will send you AR Aging Ledgers regularly so you know which customers have not paid.

  • Bank Reconciliation

    We will assist you to compare what is in Quickbooks to what is your bank statements. We do this weekly, monthly, or quarterly, depending on your specific needs.

  • Expense and Accounts Payables

    If you prefer paying bills yourself through cheques, credit cards, or wires, we will assist you to record the expenses. However, this is not feasible with a growing business. You could offload the task to us – all you will need to do is print, sign, and send off.

  • Reporting

    The aim of bookkeeping is to give you clarity so you know where you stand. It is only this way that you can properly plan for the future. We will give you simple reports such as income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets. We are CPA and as such, we can go a step further and create Dashboards that will give you important financial insight such as profitability, employee efficiency, and marketing effectiveness.

  • Budgeting / Forecasting

    We will assist you to create a forward-looking budget and assist with cash flow forecasting. We will be there for you whenever you are making major decisions such as if you should expand and if you should hire an extra person.

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Our Other Bookkeeping Services Include

  • Bookkeeping Cleanup
  • General Journal, General Ledger
  • Profit & Loss, Trial Balance
  • Payroll Reconciliation
  • Not-for-Profit Bookkeeping
  • Bookkeeping Cleanup
  • General Journal, General Ledger
  • Profit & Loss, Trial Balance
  • Payroll Reconciliation
  • Not-for-Profit Bookkeeping

You Should Come To Us For Mississauga Bookkeeping Services...

  • If you are a small to medium-size company or an NGO and you do not have resources to hire an in-house accountant
  • If you are an individual and you need help with personal financial record-keeping
  • If you want to start a new company and want to make sure that the correct procedures are followed from the beginning
  • If you are overwhelmed by your current bookkeeping practices
  • When preparing for quarterly and annual tax filings
  • If you want your staff to get a better understanding of QuickBooks


To register as a corporation in Canada, you need to:

  • Incorporate the business (get articles of incorporation) through provincial/territorial incorporation or federal incorporation
  • Get a Corporation income tax account and a federal business number from the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Register as an extra-territorial or extra-provincial corporation in all other Canadian jurisdictions where you will be doing business
  • Apply for any licenses and permits that your business will need to operate

Although the registration of these accounts is sometimes streamlined (you can sometimes get your business number, provincial registration, and tax accounts as part of the incorporation process), this is not true for all cases.

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Professional Tax Accountant Specializing in Corporations

At GTA Firm, we will assist you with the provincial or federal incorporation of your small business. Here's how we can help.

We will assist you to fill the business or the not-for-profit form as well as forms for operating an extra-provincial corporation in Ontario if you are not a Mississauga native.

We will then assist you to file Articles of Incorporation (Form 1 under the Business Corporations Act) as well as supporting documents with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

The law requires that a corporation files an Initial Return/Notice of Change (Form 1 under the Corporations Information Act) within 60 days of the date of incorporation. We will assist you to make this filing.

If we file online, we will get all first directors to complete a Consent to Act as First Director (Form 2 under the Business Corporations Act). If filing via mail or in person, we will get the form from you and ensure the forms are locked away at your offices in case the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services ever decides to peruse them.

If you want to dissolve the business due to any reason, our CPA understands the processes of dissolving business corporations either voluntarily or involuntarily.

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HST Filings

Many provinces, including Ontario, have adopted a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). HST harmonizes the provincial sales tax with federal government’s Goods and Services Tax (GST). In Ontario, an HST of 13% was introduced in 2010.

We will guide you to ensure you pay the right amount of sales tax. We will keep track of your HST and assist you with tax filing. Our other services are:

  • We will assist you to determine which goods and services are Taxable, Zero-Rated or Exempt.
  • We will help you fill the GST/HST Return form, keeping in mind that the Canada Revenue Agency requires businesses to collect HST from their customers and to remit the same. Note the law requires that you must remit on the reporting period even when you’ve not collected tax during the period (with zero remittance).
  • We will ensure we remit GST/HST Returns within the reporting period (which is quarterly for most businesses and monthly for businesses with a revenue of over $6 million in annual taxable supplies.
  • We will help you determine the GST/HST expenses that qualify as ITCs (Input Tax Credits) since not all business-related expenses are eligible.

Tax Preparation Services in Mississauga

As a business owner, you can use internal audit and evaluation reports to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your activities, to strengthen accountability, and to demonstrate resource stewardship. We work for up-and-coming businesses that do not have internal auditors yet and even bigger businesses that require an independent accountant Mississauga take on things. We employ a disciplined and systematic approach to evaluate and improve:

  • Fraud risk management process (including detection, deterrence, prevention, and investigation)
  • Effectiveness / efficiency of internal controls
  • Effectiveness / efficiency of operations (including safeguarding your assets)
  • Reliability of management and financial reporting
  • Reliability and security of applications and information systems
  • Compliance with law, regulations, and contracts
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