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Top-Notch Bookkeeping Services in Oakville

Bookkeeping services are necessary to make sure that all your records are kept up to date. Business owners have to look after the growth of the business and ensure that it is headed in the right direction. But development and direction can only come when you have a complete record of your business operations. That’s where GTA Accounting comes in. We make sure that your financial records are always up to date so you can make well-informed and timely decisions. In addition, there are various opportunities that you can benefit from, once you have your entire data at your fingertips.


With the help of bookkeeping, you get to know the precise financial performance of your business. For instance, after the month has ended, you want to see how much profit you make from the revenue, what divisions of your business are most profitable, and if anyone owes you money. these are just some of the things when our top-notch bookkeeping services in Oakville come into handy.


With our bookkeeping services, you can keep your finances on track. If you have a complete record of all the financial activities, you can easily access all your financial reports. In addition, whenever your business is audited by the CRA, having up-to-date books will protect your business. For instance, if you haven’t done your bookkeeping correctly and cannot show the expenses and revenue, the CRA might have to make assumptions about the taxes. It is known as a national assessment, and you can avoid it when you have good bookkeeping. So, what are you waiting for? Contact GTA Accounting bookkeeping experts TODAY, and start your consultation.

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Steven Matos, Toronto CPA

Meet Our CPA

Steven Matos is a Chartered Professional Accountant at GTA Accounting, a Toronto-based accounting firm with offices in Toronto, and Mississauga. The firm touts a high 5-star Google rating and has been selected by Clutch for service awards two years in a row.

Because of Steve's business background, he is able to pair bookkeeping and tax services with management consulting providing an edge over other similar accounting firms. Offering affordable rates, GTA Accounting works with small business owners and large companies with over $40 million in annual gross revenue.

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What Our Bookkeeping Services in Oakville Include

We provide one of the best bookkeeping services in Oakville and beyond. We look at every detail of our client and propose a tailored and personalized solution according to your business. This way, you get the maximum return of your business without the hassle. In today’s day and age, taxing and accounting have evolved and keeps on changing. GTA accounting has the best Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). Our CPA is up to date with the latest accounting principles, which will help you in your business’s bookkeeping.

At GTA accounting, you’ll get all the services your business needs, including handling the deposits, managing your payroll, creating monthly financial statements, and much more. In addition, you’d be able to calculate your company’s position if you know about the financial services that our experts will provide.

We will make sure that the payroll system operates efficiently and effectively. We will Prepare Payroll tax returns promptly. Apart from that, many business owners have to collect and submit the sales tax. To help you with the sales tax, we will compile all the information regarding the sales tax charge.

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Benefits of Working with GTA Accounting in Oakville

Bookkeeping is the first step in accounting which is very important to the business. So, at GTA Accounting, you will get the most reliable and trustworthy bookkeeping services in Oakville and beyond. Our service will help you in the compilation of all the financial data. All kinds of transactions would be recorded and presented to you in an easy-to-understand format so that you can decide on your company’s future projects by analyzing the reports. Another advantage of bookkeeping services in Oakville is that our bookkeeper will always comply with the law and ensure that all the documents are updated according to the latest rules and regulations.

So, for instance, if you are going to launch some new product in your company, our experts will provide you with the financial data to make well-informed and timely decisions.

You’d be able to maintain good relations with the banks and the investors because if you have every detail of your company’s financials, the bank could trust you and see how you are striving. You can get loans from banks if needed. Likewise, an investor could observe the overall health of the company and invest accordingly.

Why Choose GTA Accounting?

Every year in Canada, legislators tweak and twist financial laws, leaving the average individual and business owner at a loss when faced with making financial decisions. We stay on top of new financial and tax laws on your behalf and offer custom made tax accounting and financial advice to help you and your business develop budgets and set financial goals. Still not convinced about what makes us a professional accounting firm? Read further below:

Why Hire Bookkeeping Services in Oakville?

Many people wonder, why should we hire a bookkeeping service in Oakville if we can do the task by ourselves? Some don’t keep bookkeeping as a priority. You could handle it yourself if you are an accountant and have learned how to do it. Otherwise, your best bet is to hire a professional bookkeeper with the experience and expertise to monitor your finances. Our CPA will also help you maximize your tax benefits and keep your business out of any financial trouble.

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