Personal Income Tax Returns in Oakville

No matter how simple or complex our personal income tax returns are,
GTA Accounting in Oakville has the skills to maximize your returns.

Why Work With GTA Accounting For Personal Income Tax in Oakville?

At GTA Accounting, we have the complete package. We have an expert CPA who advises you and guides you throughout the process. We have an accounting team that is ready and willing to fulfill all your needs. And we have the experience and the skills to make it look easy for you. We have been doing this for more than a decade, and we are at the top of our game. Our accounting firm has helped thousands of Canadians and non-residents with their personal as well as corporate taxes in Oakville, and we are just getting started.

If you want peace of mind, if you want your taxes filed without any setbacks, then partner with GTA Accounting, your accounting firm for personal income tax in Oakville, and more.

What Our Accounting Firm Offers Its Clients

We are one of the top accounting firms in Oakville for a reason. We have the CPA who guides you and advises you to incur the least amount of administrative fees. The same goes for liable taxes. We are entirely committed to our clients and make sure that we come up with a personalized action plan for every individual or business. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy. That is why our clients prefer to work with us instead of some other accounting firm in Oakville.

Our personal tax return services include:

  • We help you determine all your tax obligations
  • We guide you through calculating your capital gains tax and associated reliefs
  • Our expert CPA offers tax advice, planning, and preparation services
  • We help you submit repayment claims

We provide our exceptional personal income tax services to a wide range of individuals in Oakville and beyond. This includes self-employed people, consultants, entrepreneurs, doctors, and everything in between. We take all the complexity out of personal tax planning and preparation and ensure you get peace of mind. We have been doing this for more than a decade. We have helped numerous clients in various industries with their personal income tax in Oakville.

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Meet Our CPA

Sohail Afzal, CPA is the founder of GTA Accounting, a Toronto based accounting firm with offices in Toronto, Mississauga and Oakville. The firm touts a high 5 star Google rating and has been selected by Clutch for service awards two years in a row.

Because of Sohail's business background, he is able to pair bookkeeping and tax services with management consulting providing an edge over other similar accounting firms. Offering affordable rates, GTA Accounting works with small business owners and large companies with over $40 million annual gross revenue.

Featured in the Toronto Star, Sohail shares more about his accounting firm and what sets them apart.

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GTA featured in Toronto Star

GTA Accounting Featured in the Toronto Star

"GTA Accounting brings one-stop accounting to the cloud"

Who Should File an Income Tax Return?

Have you ever wondered whether you are eligible for filing a Canadian Income Tax return? Is that necessary? Who should file an income tax in Oakville?

Most of the citizens have to file annually, according to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). But, there are a few exceptions. Here is a look at who should be filing an income tax return and when:

  • You are making money in Canada
  • You are self-employed and have to pay the premiums for the Canada Pension Plan (CPP).
  • You have acquired the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) or the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP), and there are payments that you owe.

You could be a resident of Canada or a non-resident, and it wouldn’t matter. If any of the above points are true for you, you have to file an income tax return. You will also have to file an income tax return if you live in another country but receive income in Canada. This could be from an investment or a business. Your age doesn’t matter here. If any of the criteria is true, you have to pay taxes. This becomes quite complicated, and that’s why GTA Accounting is here to handle all your personal income tax issues in Oakville.

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Why File A Return Even If It’s Not Required?

There are various reasons why you could file a return even if you are not required to do so. That’s where our expert CPA comes in. He will determine your situation and guide you accordingly, so you save the most money, effort, and time. He will consult you according to your unique needs.

Here’s why you might want to file for a return even if you’re not required to:

  • There’s a refund that you want to claim.
  • You are eligible for particular federal and provincial benefit programs. Our CPA will tell you about all the provincial benefit programs that you might qualify for. Even if you don’t have any income, you can still qualify for GST/HST credits.
  • If you want to carry on getting your Canada Child Benefit (CCB) or you want to claim the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB).
  • If you or your partner want to receive Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) on your Old Age Security (OAS) payments.

Why Choose GTA Accounting?

Every year in Canada, legislators tweak and twist financial laws, leaving the average individual and business owner at a loss when faced with making financial decisions. We stay on top of new financial and tax laws on your behalf and offer custom made tax accounting and financial advice to help you and your business develop budgets and set financial goals. Still not convinced about what makes us a professional accounting firm? Read further below:

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